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Scrieti pe blogul personal un articol de 20 randuri si inserati doua intrebari pe tema data la care ati dori un raspuns in conformitate cu invitatia de mai jos.

Dear teachers,

Chers enseignants, chères enseignantes,

This message is in English and French; FR version is below EN

Le présent message est en anglais et en français ; la version anglaise se trouve ci-dessus.



  1. This is a call for schools to invite them to register to take part in the 4th Spring Day chat,

  2. which takes place on 22 April 2009 at 14.00 CET.

  3. The chat theme is “European elections: Why are they also important for our regions and cities?

  4. The participating schools will have the chance to debate in French with Michel Delebarre, First Vice-President of CoR, Mayor of Dunkerque, France and Member of the French Parliament (Assemblée Nationale).

More about the guest:

The teachers who would like to take part in chat with their classes should register by sending an email to Petru Dumitru at:

The registration email should contain the following information:

  • School name

  • Town

  • Country

  • Students’ age

  • Teacher name

  • Teacher e-mail

  • Phone number during the chat

Registration deadline: 10 April 2009. The results of school selection will communicated some days before the chat. We remind you that a number of maximum two schools per country will be selected to have as many countries as possible represented in the debate.





Chers enseignants, chères enseignantes,

Par la présente, nous invitons les écoles à s’inscrire à

  1. la 4ème session de chat du Printemps de l’Europe, qui

  2. se tiendra le 22 avril 2009 à 14h HNEC.

  3. Le thème de la discussion sera « Les élections européennes : Pourquoi sont-elles aussi importantes pour nos régions et nos villes ? »

  4. Les écoles participantes auront l’occasion de discuter en français avec Michel Delebarre, premier vice-président du Comité des Régions, maire de Dunkerque (France) et membre du parlement français (Assemblée Nationale).

Pour en savoir plus sur l’invité :

Les enseignants qui souhaitent participer à la session de chat avec leurs classes sont priés de bien vouloir s’inscrire en envoyant un e-mail à Petru Dumitru :

L’e-mail d’inscription doit contenir les informations suivantes :

  • Nom de l’école

  • Ville

  • Pays

  • Age des élèves

  • Nom de l’enseignant

  • Adresse e-mail de l’enseignant

  • Numéro de téléphone à contacter pendant le chat

Date limite d’inscription : 10 avril 2009.

Les résultats concernant la sélection des écoles seront communiqués quelques jours avant la session de chat. Nous vous rappelons qu’un maximum de deux écoles par pays sera sélectionné afin de permettre à un maximum de pays de participer au chat.

Bien cordialement,
Web editor and Project coordinator
European Schoolnet
Rue de Trèves, 61
B-1040 Brussels
Phone: +32.2.790.75.56
Fax:     +32.2.790.75.85
Join Spring Day 2009
Take part in Energy is our Future

DEAR teachers

===Thank you for registering your school to take part in a Spring Day for Europe 2009=== 
===online debate (chat)=== 

===Online debate (chat) session no. 4=== 

===Theme: European elections: Why are they also important for our regions and cities?=== 

===Age group: 12-20=== 

===Date: 22 April 2009=== 

===Time: 14.00 CET=== 

===Guest: Michel Delebarre, First Vice-President of CoR, Mayor of Dunkerque, France and Member of the French Parliament (Assemblée Nationale)=== 

===Languages: Frence=== 

===Please note that 14.00 CET (Central European Time) means 14.00 in Brussels, Spain, Slovenia, Germany, 13.00 in Ireland, Portugal and 15.00 in Latvia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania.=== 

===More about our chat guest:===

===**Preparing the chat**=== 

====I recommend you to connect one computer to the chat room only. The reason of==== 
===having one computer per participating school is to avoid damaging the quality of the connection to the chatroom. I recommend you to connect a beamer (projector) to your computer to display the chatroom on a screen and therefore to enable the entire class the watch the chat dialogue on a screen.=== 

===**What’s next?**=== 
Discuss the topic

===with your students and collect questions;=== 

* Before going online, please select the best ten questions;
* Choose one class leader to type the questions (s/he must handle good English)
* to immediately paste your question(s) into the chat field, as soon as I
===invite you. For example: “France, your first question, please?”=== 
into a word processor to have them ready beforehand, so you will be ableType your questions

===**How to participate in a chat session?**=== 
===•Open your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera)=== 

===•Go to: [[]]=== 

===· Provide the information which is required (see the screencapture below);=== 

===Your name: (your username; see a list with usernames) below)=== 

===ChatRoom password: balzac1944=== 

===List of names (Usernames or logons)=== 

|| ===Username=== || ===School name=== ||
|| ===Italy=== || ===Istituto Comprensivo di Ariano nel Polesine=== ||
|| ===Portugal=== || ===Escola Secundária Carlos Amarante, Braga=== ||
|| ===Romania1=== || ===School no. 6 ‘Nicolae Titulescu’, Constanta=== ||
|| ===Romania2=== || ===Colegiul Tehnic "Edmond Nicolau"=== ||
|| ===Romania3=== || ===School Constantin Brancusi, Medgidia=== ||
|| ===Romania4=== || ===Liceul C.A.Rosetti, Bucharest=== ||
|| ===Romania5=== || ===College National Unirea, Turnu Magurele=== ||
|| ===Romania6=== || ===Liceul Teoretic Apaczai Csere Janos Cluj-Napoca=== ||
|| ===Romania7=== || ===School name Scoala Normala "Vasile Lupu", Iasi=== ||
|| ===Romania8=== || ===Scoala No. 6 Alexandri=== ||

* To better manage the
===communication flow, I divided the participating schools into three mini-sessions, each session lasting 20 minutes. I will invite you to start typing questions, according to the time distribution mentioned below:=== 

===**From 14.00 to 14.20**=== 




===**From 14.20 to 14.40**=== 





===**From 14.40 to 15.0**=== 




* To help us quickly identify the questions on the screen please
===choose a colour for your text (from the menu available on the chat interface, like the ones you see on your usernames).=== 

* Please note: All
===**//schools must logon to the chatroom at the beginning of the chat activity: They will start typing their questions only when they are invited//**=== 

===Click on „Go“. You will get to the room (see screen capture below) [[image: width="430" height="349"]]=== 

===Please do not forget to use the usernames mentioned above according to your school name. Other names will be banned, so they cannot participate in the chat.=== 
* During the chat, please ask your students to stick to the chat subject
* Do not allow your students to change the chatroom.

===**Some general advice**=== 

* Note that your native language may not be the chat language;
* If you are a native speaker of the chat language, use simple words and short sentences; the
===others may be non-native speakers and they may not be able to check a dictionary while chatting;=== 
* ===Never give out private information openly in a chat: passwords, credit card details, drivers’ license, numbers, home address etc;=== 
* Before taking part in a chat, please check the recommended resources related to its topic to
===prepare your pupils carefully for the online discussion; this ensures the chat's pedagogical value (the supporting article and the speaking points attached to this email);=== 
* Double-check which is the correct time for your time zone.To
===help you get familiar with the chatroom and also with the chat itself as an online classroom activity I would like to invite you to take part in a test chat session.=== 

===To access the test chat session, please follow the above steps. The chatroom is open from now on to the end of the chat session.=== 

===Important: The chat page is live, so please feel free to visit the chatroom to make sure that your browser has got the latest Abobe Flash updates:=== 


===Type your name (Austria, Italy etc) and the password which is provided above. Please note that for testing purposes the password ................will be valid from 16.04.2009 to 22.04.2009 at 17.00.=== 

===If you cannot get to the chatroom you may need to update/download the Flash Player which is a free application available on this website:=== 


===In case you need to deal with the latest Flash Player update, please follow these steps=== 

* Download the Flash Player
* Install it on your computer
* Restart your computer
* Go to the chat page and check if it works

===**We recommend you to test the chat webpage to get familiar with the chat tool.**=== 

===I am convinced that I can rely on your professional approach to organise the chat session and make it a success.=== 


Chat 4 Online Resources

This list contains some links to webpages with information that may help participating schools get prepared for the online debate with CoR Vice-President Delebarre.

Le comité des régions

Elections européennes: A vous de choisir!

Voir et entendre ce qui se passe au Parlement européenne :

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Eurinfo is a weekly TV programme on a topical political theme concerning the European Parliament. It is edited and produced by Euronews with the support of Parliament. After being broadcast by Euronews as Parlamento each programme can be viewed on this website. Watch the latest editions here. This week’s programme looks at the preparations for the 2009 European Elections Communication Campaign.

Watch the programme

EuroparlTV: Citizens have their say


The news channel from the European Parliament: Debates, Interviews, Analysis

BBC Q&A: European elections 2009

The European Parliament election in June 2009 will be the biggest trans-national election in history.

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